Have you noticed that some school improvement initiatives have impact while others don’t improve student outcomes?

Student Agency is the key! When students have the motivation and ability to take ownership of their learning, outcomes improve dramatically.

Students with agency are more likely to learn deeply and to demonstrate persistence with learning tasks. They are more likely to enjoy their school work and be happier.

Student Agency can’t be taught, but it can be fostered by teachers who have mastered agentic learning and know how to support student autonomy, competence and relatedness.


How can teachers foster agency in a classroom if they haven’t experienced it for themselves? If they feel like a cog in a machine rather than as an active agent? If they find their workplace demotivating?

Fostering a culture of teacher and student agency is crucial, but not simple.  Shifting district culture away from a command-and-control environment to a less controlling, more self-organizing culture is a critical step in supporting teachers in their own agency.


Document                  Share                Learn

Our REFLECT app provides a convenient way to document teacher experiences that can be used to inform their own learning process on their way to becoming masters of Agentic Learning.

A convenient Dashboard provides individual and aggregated data by content area, grade level, and classroom that can inform the teacher, school or even district continuous improvement process.


Formal Improvement Process

We work with districts to implement Reflect and develop a Formal Improvement System that fits their circumstances. We help activate student agency by first activating teacher agency.

Agentic Pre- and Post- Assessment

Before and After. We help districts measure their level of readiness and performance in improving student outcomes including academic performance, workforce skills, and agency.

Agentic Leadership Coaching

We provide coaching for district administrators and building leaders in creating environments that support agentic, self-organizing teams with breakthrough performance.

Agentic Teacher Professional Development

We provide professional development for teachers to learn how to effectively implement agentic pedagogies including Project Based Learning, Inquiry, and others in the classroom.


We offer consulting services to help districts with strategic planning, professional development planning, visioning and goal setting, and other aspects of implementing agentic learning in the district.


We offer workshops in agentic goal-setting, fostering and recognizing student agency in the classroom, fostering teacher agency, and more.