We believe that all citizens must be fluent in the use of technology in their lives, learning, and work and that it is incumbent on schools to develop students’ digital capabilities.

We believe that the promise of technology for education is to enable the student-centered pedagogies, adaptive learning environments, and data-informed classrooms that transform schooling by putting power into the hands of teachers and learners.

We believe that transforming learning to include these learning environments support the two pillars of student agency: motivation and metacognition. 

We believe that students and teachers with agency have the greatest potential for excellent outcomes, efficacy and happiness.

Therefore, we dedicate ourselves to support schools, districts, and states in implementing digital transformations.  We further dedicate ourselves to infusing agency into digital transformations to ensure that they reach their highest potential for the education and well-being of all learners.

Our Founders

Marie Bjerede
Marie Bjerede President
Before her decade in education work, Marie spent over 10 years as a practitioner in developing self-organizing teams fueled by employee agency while a Fortune 500 Vice President.
Michael Gielniak, PhD
Michael Gielniak, PhD Chief Executive Officer
Michael has over 30 years experience as an educator and education leader. Michael was the COO of the One to One Institute and a Principal Author of Project Red.
Roger Lo
Roger Lo Chief Technology Officer
Roger has over 25 years experience as a software developer and architect including web and mobile development.