Too often, districts invest in programs that don’t improve student outcomes. Refocusing your initiative around student agency will help your program have the impact you intended.

We help districts measure and implement student agency, and correlate changes in student agency to changes in student outcomes within district initiatives such as personalized learning, blended learning, or 1:1 programs.



Are you a company with a product or tool designed for personalization, blended learning, and/or 1:1 programs?  Ensure your client districts get the full impact of your products by engaging Agentic Learning in the implementation process. 



Agentic Learning dedicates itself to continued research into student agency to help drive the engine of authentic teaching and learning. We support researchers and districts engaging in research by offering tools and resources to the field at no cost.

Agentic Learning takes individual privacy seriously. Your privacy is protected in a number of ways when using our tools. We collect no personal information on students and provide only anonymized data to researchers. We will not rent or sell information to third parties.