The Problem With Responsible Students

This article was first published on Getting Smart on February 1st 2018. Who wouldn’t want responsible students? They listen in class, take notes, and complete their homework on time without nagging. They are easy to teach. Especially as compared to disengaged students who daydream in class, may have disciplinary issues … Continue reading

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Marie Bjerede, February 20, 2018

Grant Opportunity

We are looking across the country for a couple of special districts who are fascinated by student agency work and that are willing to share with us their wisdom.  We know that our unique program for building student agency is different from the usual way initiatives are implemented – we … Continue reading

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Marie Bjerede, February 1, 2018

Agency, Dignity, and Grace

  Every person deserves dignity.  Yet it is something that it is all too easy to strip away from young people.  Make a joke at the expense of an awkward teenager because embarrassing them is funny.  Change the story of what your 5-year-old did because it is a better (funnier … Continue reading

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Marie Bjerede, January 31, 2018

Student Agency: The Canary in the Coal Mine

This post was initially published on Getting Smart on January 2nd, 2018. How do you know if your personalized learning initiative is working? What you measure can have a profound impact on the outcomes you see. The challenge with implementing personalized learning is that it can be done authentically, with … Continue reading

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Marie Bjerede, January 10, 2018

Agency and Scale at Fusion

The most interesting conferences surface a mix of the ideas that are new enough to be interesting yet mainstream enough to be actionable with those that are just on the horizon.  I attend a lot of conferences, so it was with particular pleasure I was able to participate in the … Continue reading

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Marie Bjerede, November 14, 2017