Problem Based Learning

What is it?

Problem-based learning is a subset of project-based learning — that is, one of the ways a teacher could frame a project is “to solve a problem.” Problem-based learning is more likely to use scenarios and case studies and is often shorter in duration the Project-based learning.

Problem-based learning typically follow prescribed steps:

  • Presentation of an “ill-structured” (open-ended, “messy”) problem
  • Problem definition or formulation (the problem statement)
  • Generation of a “knowledge inventory” (a list of “what we know about the problem” and “what we need to know”)
  • Generation of possible solutions
  • Formulation of learning issues for self-directed and coached learning
  • Sharing of findings and solutions

Why is it important to have in the classroom?



How does it support intrinsic motivation and ownership?



What does it look like in practice?



Where are there great examples of this happening in schools?